Wales sees strongest house growth - adding £31,000 to the average house price

Wales has seen the strongest annual growth in the whole of the UK. Meanwhile Scotland has seen the weakest annual growth - yet the average property price still tips £200,000

House prices in Wales
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Wales saw the strongest annual growth in the UK with house prices rising 16.1%, according to the Halifax price index

This means an extra £31,246 has been added to property prices there over the last year with the average home in Wales now costing £224,858. The figures are in contrast to many asking if property prices will stall due to the cost of living crisis and whether it’s a good time to buy a new home.

On the other end of the scale, Scotland saw the weakest annual growth out of all the nations in the UK with house prices rising just 9.4% in the same period. A Scottish home is now valued at an average of £204,362 - significantly less than the UK average house price of £294,260.

In Northern Ireland annual growth rates of 12.5% puts a price tag on a typical home at £185,505.

Meanwhile, the South West of England has continued to see a strong rate of annual growth, up by 14.5%, with an average property in the region now costing £313,003.

London put in a slow performance with 8.8% annual house price growth, yet this marks its highest level in more than six years making it something of a comeback for the capital. Its performance adds £44,669 over the last year to take the average price to a record £554,718.

Nicholas Finn, Managing Director of Garrington Property Finders. “Things are slightly different in London. Prices in the capital have put in a more gentle performance over the past two years and it’s more a case of ‘slow and steady wins the race’. A sharp slowdown is not as likely here as elsewhere with a thirst for larger properties providing a lot of momentum.”

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