£13 million of Tesco Clubcard vouchers expire this month- extend them with this trick

More than £13 million of Tesco Clubcard vouchers are set to expire at the end of November, but this one trick could extend its lifespan

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If you’re hoarding Tesco Clubcard vouchers, they could go to waste as £13 million of unspent voucher will expire on 30 November, but there’s a trick you might be able to use to extend them. 

Tesco Clubcard savings can shave a precious pounds of your whopping.  especially at a time where cost of living is high and budgets are tight, but Tesco is also amongst some of the other best supermarket loyalty schemes who offer vouchers in return.

They give a range of vouchers for points (opens in new tab) with their reward partners, for example Pizza Express, Bella Italia, RAC Breakdown Cover and even a Disney+ 3 month subscription

Tesco’s point system gives one point for every pound you spend, and then they translate to one penny per point when spending. 

But if you have already cashed your points in for vouchers, their end date is coming to an end. We tell you how you could extend its lifetime.

How to extend Tesco clubcard vouchers lifespan

Clubcard vouchers usually expire after two years. If you have online vouchers, use two years as your base line and if you have a print out, the expiry date should be on the copy. 

The simple solution is to spend the vouchers before 30 November, but there’s no joy in spending them for the sake of it. 

It’s a good thing Money Saving Expert (opens in new tab) has found a trick that could extend the lifespan of your vouchers, and we tell you how.

  1. Go onto the Tesco Clubcard Rewards (opens in new tab) page and buy something small with your Clubcard voucher. It’s important you don’t confuse this for a purchase on the Tesco website or in store, this has to be on the rewards page.
  2. You will then be reissued new vouchers with a new expiry date, from the date you just spent to up to two years. For example if you have a £20 Clubcard Voucher and spend £1, your new vouchers will be worth £19.

The biggest tip here is to make that spend as small as you can. 

Looking at the Tesco rewards it seems the minimum spend is 50p, so you could get away with just spending 50p for Prezzo vouchers which gives you £1.50 in return to spend in the restaurant. 

There are many other restaurants and retailers that have a minimum spend of 50p, so you have a good choice. 

Before doing this, it’s worth checking what vouchers you have. If you have a chunk of big vouchers, for example £5, £10 or more, then it’s worth it. 

Except if you have accumulated a bunch of small vouchers worth a couple of pounds each, it could be very timely to do each one and not worth it.

How to access your clubcard vouchers online

You can just log on to your Tesco Clubcard account on the Tesco website with your email and password, then select ‘My Clubcard’ and then ‘Vouchers’. 

Make sure to have your Clubcard number at hand which you can find behind your physical Clubcard. Then all of the vouchers you have should appear with expiry dates. 

Your vouchers are also available on the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app (available on Apple Store (opens in new tab) and Google Play Store (opens in new tab)). Once downloaded you simply go to the vouchers section.

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