Water bills up in April: how much more will you pay?

Households across England and Wales can expect to see their water bills rise in April by an average of £31 a year - bringing the average annual household water bill to £448

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Households across England and Wales can expect to see their water bills rise in April by an average of £31 a year - bringing the average annual household water bill to £448.

This April’s 7.5% rise in water bills is the biggest increase in twenty years, according to the Consumer Council for Water - but hikes vary across the UK.  

While this is below the rate of inflation it means many households will have to dig deep to find even more money on top of other rising bills including foodenergy and mortgages.

Water UK says the average annual water bill is set to rise by £31 – but some households could see much bigger increases.

How much more you can expect to pay depends on where you live, as some water suppliers are expected to increase prices by more than others.   

In some cases, it could add nearly £50 to the cost of your annual water bills.

How much will water bills go up in your area?

MoneySavingExpert has compiled a list of the average annual price rise you can expect depending on which water supplier you’re with. 

Water and sewerage firms

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Firm2022/23 cost2023/24 costChange in cost
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water£485£499+£14
Hafren Dyfrdwy£331£372+£41
Severn Trent£391£419+£28
South West£468£476+£8
United Utilities£417£443+£26

Campaigners including National Energy Action are calling for the government to introduce social tariffs for low-income households.  

Jess Cook, water poverty lead at National Energy Action (NEA) said: “Discounted water bills for those struggling to pay can stop the most vulnerable from cutting back or running up debt when they can ill afford to do so”.

“But the current postcode lottery means where you live affects what you pay and what support you receive”.

Social tariffs are currently available for other household bills including broadband and mobile services

More help with bills if you can’t pay

One in five water customers is already struggling to pay their bills according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW).

Help is available and according to Water UK, over one million households already get help with their water bills and says water suppliers are releasing an extra £200 million to help households who may be struggling.  

Stuart Colville, Water UK Director of Policy said: Anyone with worries should contact their water company or go to support on tap for advice, and it’s worth remembering that water companies will never cut anyone off, or make them use a prepayment meter”. 

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