Sky broadband and TV prices to hike by £67 per year - can you haggle or leave penalty free?

Hundreds of Sky broadband and TV customers will see a bill hike from April by an average of £67.20 per year. We run through your options

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Sky has announced an average rise of £67.20 on bills for its broadband and TV customers, but some could leave penalty-free. We explain how. 

Sky Mobile has already confirmed a 9% bill hike for its customers, and now Sky’s broadband and TV customers will see an 8.1% rise from 1 April. 

Here’s the full low down.

How will the Sky price hike affect me?

If you are a UK Sky broadband and TV customer and you have a bundle package with Sky including more than one product, or just one product (for example broadband),  you’re likely to be hit by the price hike. 

And if you took out a rolling monthly plan with Sky before 18 October 2022, the price hikes will affect you. 

These customers will NOT see a price rise from April:

  • Customers on a Sky Broadband Basic plan (which is Sky’s social tariff for those on benefits such as universal credit).
  • Customers with a Sky Glass and Sky Stream package who signed up on or after 18 October 2022. (This includes those who took out a monthly rolling plan or 18-month contract after this date).

How much will I be paying in April?

Sky has confirmed the average price rise for customers affected, which is 8.1% or £5.60 a month, so you can expect your bill to rise around that amount.

Sky will be writing to all affected customers from Thursday 16 February to confirm their new prices.

Can I leave Sky penalty-free?

You might be able to leave Sky penalty-free, but before you do you should not other broadband providers are also hiking their prices. So it’s probably only worth leaving if you’re going to a better broadband deal. 

If you do want to leave and you’re outside your minimum contract term for broadband, home phone and/or TV, you can leave penalty-free. To do so you can call Sky on 0333 759 1230 or contact it online. 

For those with a Sky TV package, you will need to give 31 days’ notice and those with Sky broadband and home phone packages will need to give the provider 14 days’ notice. 

The good news is, if you are still in your minimum-term contract for Sky broadband or home phone contract, you have the option to leave penalty-free. BUT you must be affected by the price hikes. 

If you choose to do so, you will need to notify Sky within 30 days of receiving your official notification regarding the price hikes. 

Those who are in their minimum term on a Sky TV contract can’t leave penalty-free. Sky says this is down to the terms and conditions being different for broadband and phone customers compared to those with a Sky TV package. 

If you have a Sky bundle that includes broadband and TV, you could leave penalty-free on the broadband side but not on your TV package. It’s worth checking with Sky before leaving.

Haggle with Sky if you want to stay

If you’re keen to stay with Sky or you have no choice but to stay, then haggle and negotiate a better deal.

And Sky is actually one of the top companies to haggle with successfully, as a poll by MoneySavingExpert revealed 84% of customers who tried to haggle at Sky were successful. 

If you can leave Sky penalty-free, it’s also a good tip to haggle. You can call them up and tell them about a better deal you found elsewhere.

Sue Hayward, Personal Finance & Consumer expert said: “Find the best deals to use as a bargaining chip when haggling with your existing provider.” 

Sky could bring the price of your package down or throw in some discounts and freebies so you get more for your money. Read more on how to haggle to bag the best deals

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