Tesco Clubcard changes – here’s what you need to know

Some big changes to the Tesco Clubcard scheme have already kicked in. We explain what’s happened so you’re not caught out, and reveal more changes that will take effect next month

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Tesco Clubcard is a free-to-join supermarket loyalty scheme where you can earn points as you shop. Tesco Clubcard customers can collect points on shopping in-store and online as well as when they use its fuel stations and certain other Tesco products like credit cards and mobile phones. 

You’ll typically earn one point per pound spent in-store or online, and once you’ve got 150 points, you’ll get a Clubcard voucher worth £1.50. You can spend or save Clubcard vouchers, and while spending at the till means you’ll get face value, trading them in for treats can often boost their value.

But changes to the Tesco Clubcard scheme mean loyal shoppers could be caught out unless they’re aware of them, and users could soon find the scheme offers less value for money.  

Tesco has already hiked the minimum spend on home delivery orders by a whopping 25%. This means if you shop online with Tesco’s home delivery you’ll now need to spend £50, instead of the previous £40 minimum, to avoid a £5 penalty fee. 

This kicked in on new orders made from 2 May, however if you’re awaiting on home delivery for an order you booked before 2 May, this new increased limit won’t apply. 

This change is regardless of whether you are a "Delivery Saver" customer or not. For Click & Collect shoppers, the minimum basket order remains at  £25.

The supermarket giant has also closed its Tesco standalone Clubcard app

This change came in from 18 April, and while your Clubcard points and vouchers are safe, you’ll now need to download a newer version - which is called the "Clubcard and Grocery" app. 

The new app is available for Apple and Android users and allows you to do your grocery shopping from the app, scan your barcode to save on groceries in-store and also check stock in its stores before you go. 

If you haven’t already done so, download the new app so you can continue to earn points on spending.

Here are some of the other big Tesco Clubcard changes on the way.

1. Tesco Clubcard changes: when you fill up with fuel 

Right now if you fill up at a Tesco filling station, you’ll earn one point for every £2 of fuel. However, from 14 June, you’ll only earn one point for every two litres of fuel.

Based on the current cost of petrol and diesel, which according to the RAC is 145.21p a litre for unleaded and 155.51 for diesel, this means you’ll need to spend around £3 or more, depending on the fuel, to get one point. 

There's no way around this one when it comes to the Clubcard points you can build up, although you could always fill your tank to the brim on 13 June to make the most of the chance to earn points at the higher level.

However, if fuel prices fall to £1 a litre or less after 14 June, then you’ll be back to getting the same level of points as you are now.

Tesco shoppers may not want to miss out on Clubcard points by filling up at other fuel stations – however some deals may offer better value. Right now if you spend £35 or more at Morrisons you can save 5p on a litre off fuel at its filling stations. 

This could create a saving of £2.75, based on the average 55-litre family car. Opting for this deal would mean you lose out on Tesco points, but we’ve worked out that even sacrificing some Tesco Clubcard points means you’re still on to a winner with the Morrisons fuel offer.

Making the required £35 minimum shop at Morrisons, instead of Tesco would mean you lose out on 35 Tesco Clubcard points. You would also lose around 40 Clubcard points filling your tank with Morrisons fuel (based on the average 55 litre tank).

However, with the Morrisons offer, you’d make a cash saving of £2.75 off your fuel bill and by comparison lose just 75 Tesco Clubcard points – which are worth around 75p.

2. Clubcard voucher exchange rate to be slashed  

Saving up your Tesco Clubcard vouchers and swapping them for treats like cheap cinema tickets, deals on Disney Plus and to make savings on days out like Thorpe Park, Legoland or Pizza Express have always been a big part of the supermarket’s popular loyalty scheme. 

But the boost factor when it comes to the chance to triple your points is about to be downgraded. From 14 June Tesco is slashing its triple Clubcard voucher exchange perk. 

This means instead of being able to boost your points by three times their value when swapping them with over 100 of its "Reward Partners", you’ll only get double their value.    

Tesco’s Reward Partners cover a range of trips and activities including Chessington World of Adventures, Ten-pin bowling and meals at Zizzi and Prezzo along with theatre tickets or subscriptions to organisations including English Heritage.

One handy tip to prolong the triple boost option is to swap your vouchers for tickets or vouchers for attractions, meals or events before 14 June. This way, as well as getting three times the value, you’ll also get a year to use them – whereas the time limit is usually only six months.

3. Tesco Mobile customers to pay more for using their phone abroad 

Pay monthly Tesco Mobile customers, who joined or upgraded their pay monthly deal after 16 June 2023, will be charged to use data roaming services across Europe from 2024. 

While you can still take advantage of using any inclusive minutes or texts in your package when you're abroad, this change means you’ll be charged for using data in 48 European countries. That's a big change for customers who are used to checking their social feeds and using mobile maps to navigate when on holiday.

If you joined or upgraded before 16 June, you won’t be liable for the new data charges, unless you subsequently upgrade your plan.

And if you’re a Tesco Mobile pay-as-you-go customer, you already pay for calls, texts or data use, both in the UK and abroad. 

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