Sainsbury’s Nectar card to offer shoppers discounts on 300 branded items

Sainsbury’s is changing its loyalty card scheme to compete with Tesco’s money-off deals. We explain which products will be cheaper when you next shop

Nectar sign in Sainbury's supermarket
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Sainsbury’s has introduced lower prices on 300 products in supermarkets and online for shoppers who hold a Nectar loyalty card.

From today, a new Nectar Prices scheme will provide Nectar card holders with exclusive deals when they swipe their card or app in-store, or link it to their Sainsbury’s account online.

It means shoppers will benefit from lower prices on selected items, such as Nescafe Gold Blend instant coffee costing £4 for cardholders rather than £8.10, Heinz baked beans costing 95p instead of £1.40, and Tanqueray gin costing £19 instead of £27.50.

Sainsbury's new scheme rivals “Tesco Prices”, a discount scheme available to Tesco Clubcard members when they shop.

Supermarket loyalty schemes are an excellent way to make your money stretch further when buying your groceries, with the points or vouchers used to cut costs on future shopping trips. In certain cases you can use them for bigger discounts at partner retailers.

That’s all the more valuable given that food inflation is at a record 18.2%

How does the new Nectar Prices scheme work?

Discounts on 300 branded items will be available to Nectar card holders all-year-round when they shop in store and online - but the deals will not be available in Sainsbury’s locals, concessions or petrol stations.

“Items will be clearly marked with a Nectar Prices label visible on the shelf edge in-store or next to each product online,” the supermarket giant said.

The list of 300 discounted products will change on a regular basis. Simon Roberts, chief executive officer at Sainsbury’s, said: “We will keep refreshing Nectar Prices and increasing the variety of products on offer.”

Members still earn Nectar points on products they buy – which can then be spent on other brands such as Argos, Caffe Nero or British Airways.

Offers currently include:

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ProductNectar PriceUsual PriceDiscount
Aperol Aperitivo 70cl£10.00£16.0038%
Corona Extra 12x330ml£9.00£14.0036%
Ariel All-in-1 pods washing liquid capsules original (39 washes)£5.00£10.5052%
Coke Zero 24x330ml£5.00£10.0050%
Nescafe Gold Blend signature jar 200g GB£4.00£8.1051%
Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo 400ml£2.50£4.5044%
Elvive Colour Protect Conditioner 300ml£2.50£4.5044%
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut 720g£3.75£4.8022%
Heinz Baked Beans Tomato Sauce 415g£0.95£1.4032%
Oral-B Pro 3 3500 Cross Action Black (+Travel Case)£45.00£10055%

Sue Davies, head of food policy at the consumer group Which?, said: “At a time when people have less money to spend due to the cost of living crisis, it’s important that they can access lower priced products. However, these Sainsbury’s Nectar deals should also be rolled out to convenience stores [Sainsbury's locals] so people on low incomes who rely on these shops can also benefit."

Nectar Prices is similar to the Tesco Prices scheme, which offers lower prices to Clubcard-holders who can also collect points to convert into vouchers or rewards. 

If you shop at both supermarkets it might be worth reading: Tesco Clubcard vs Nectar card: which loyalty card will save you the most money? 

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