The best Netflix offers, deals and money-saving tricks

How to cut the cost of your subscription with Netflix offers, deals and money-saving tricks

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The best Netflix offers, deals and money-saving tricks can cut the cost of your subscription, saving you up to £130 per year. 

There are various ways you can cut the cost of the best streaming deals like Disney Plus and Amazon Prime, but Netflix deals are rare. 

Even though there aren’t many Netflix deals around, there are still ways you can save on the cost of your subscription. We tell you how.

Netflix offers, deals and money-saving tricks

How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

Netflix has a few different subscriptions you can choose from, here’s a breakdown. 

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Netflix planPrice per monthWhat you getStreaming quality
Basic with Ads£4..99 Stream on one device, with advertsHD (720p)
Basic£6.99 Stream on one device, download on one device and no advertsHD (720p)
Standard£10.99Stream on up to two devices, download on two devices and no advertsHD (1080p)
Premium£15.99 Stream on up to four devices, download on six devices and no adverts4K

If you have a Netflix subscription for yourself only (one streamer), then consider going down a level to a cheaper Netflix subscription. Here are the savings you could make:

  • If you switch from a standard subscription to a basic subscription, you would save £4 per month and £48 over a year. 
  • If you switch from a basic subscription to a basic subscription with ads, you would save £2 per month and £24 per year.
  • If you switch from a standard subscription to a basic subscription with ads, you would save a whopping £6 per month and £72 over a year.

Go for the cheapest Netflix subscription - but beware its drawbacks

Netflix’s basic subscription with ads seems like a money-saving no-brainer to switch to and save a few quid - after all, we tolerate adverts on most TV channels.  But there are other limitations to consider.

It also means you will not have access to all Netflix movies and shows. You will be restricted on what you can watch, and whatever isn’t included in your price will show a padlock sign when browsing.

Share your Netflix subscription with premium

You could even save money by opting for premium if other people in your household watch Netflix, and you can split the cost.

It allows four devices to watch at the same time, so you could split the cost between four of you per month which would cost around £4, even cheaper than the ads model and you get all the benefits. It’s also worthwhile if there are three of you splitting the cost. 

But you should note, with Netflix cracking down on password sharing, making it clear to all users you can only share a premium subscription with those who live in the same household as you. 

Sky customers get Netflix for free

If your TV package is with Sky, you can get Netflix at a discounted rate or even at no extra cost. If you opt for Sky’s ‘make your own’ package from £26, it includes Netflix at no extra cost. 

Depending on what other Sky package you opt for, you can get Netflix at a discounted rate. Find out more on how you can save £130 on Netflix as a Sky customer 

Get Netflix included in your EE phone plan

If you’re an EE customer and your phone plan includes ‘one inclusive extra,’ then you can choose Netflix as your extra and this means you get a basic Netflix subscription included in your phone deal (worth £6.99). If you go on the EE website, you can get a plan like this from £31 per month. 

Ditch your TV licence

A TV licence costs £159 per year, but if you’re thinking of opting for Netflix, it’s worth reviewing how much you’re actually going to watch TV and whether you really need a TV licence

  • If you’re watching live TV or recording something from live TV, then you need a TV licence. This doesn’t just apply when watching the BBC, it includes watching or recording live TV on other channels like ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and +1 channels. 
  • Streaming on-demand or on catch-up means you don’t require a TV licence to watch, with the exception of the BBC iPlayer.

If you think there’s no use in having a TV licence, you can save that £159 and put it towards a standard Netflix subscription, which over a year would cost £131.88, still giving you a saving of £27.12. 

Use your gift cards on Netflix

If you’re already a Netflix customer and you have either an iTunes or Google Play gift card, you can use it to pay for your Netflix subscription. Note, this isn’t available for new Netflix customers.

Opt for a cheaper streaming service

The good news is, Netflix isn’t the only streamer out there. To be honest, you’re spoilt for choice and other streaming giants offer more deals to cut the cost of your subscription.

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