Morrisons offering free jacket potato and Heinz beans for a limited time

Morrisons has partnered with Heinz to offer the free jacket potatoes with baked beans at Morrisons Cafes to help with the cost of living crisis, but you have to say the secret word. Here’s how to get one

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Heinz has partnered with supermarket chain Morrisons to give customers a free jacket potato and Heinz baked beans at their cafes until stocks last, available until 7 May.  

The offer is available at all 397 Morrisons cafes across the UK and it will be served when other hot meals are on. Find your nearest Morrisons Cafe and check the opening times. 

It’s one meal per customer, per day, regardless of age. 

But, this offer is for a limited time only - running from Monday 24 April to Sunday 7 May so you need to be quick. 

The supermarket giant has launched this short term scheme to help households with the cost of living crisis, saving customers around £5 for which they would normally get a Jacket potato with baked beans and salad.


To claim the offer, go to a Morrisons cafe and ask for ‘Henry’ when you order at the till point.

If you're confused where the name ‘Henry' came from, Henry Hienz is the founder of Heinz Beans. 

It’s a way for people to get a free meal without any embarrassment whilst the rising cost of living causes financial difficulties for many. 

This way of purchase is similar to Morrisons ‘Ask for Sandy’ scheme which gives people access to free period products.

A poster emphasising ‘Ask for Henry’ has been circulating on Twitter and people are spreading the word.

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With food inflation at a record high, here’s what supermarkets are offering to help cut the price of your weekly shop. 

Asda is offering £5 off your next shop. To claim the offer, you need to sign up for Asda’s rewards app. To qualify, you will need to first do an online or in-store shop and scan the app for you to claim the £5, which you can then use on your next shop. 

There’s no minimum spend so you could opt for a bag of veg for as low as 35p, and then you can claim your voucher. You only have until midnight on 3 May to claim this offer. 

Asda’s new budget label ‘Just Essentials at Asda’ will offer a lower price on more than 300 essential products. 

Iceland is giving shoppers over 60 a 10% discount off their total bill every time they shop. They have also given out 40,000 vouchers worth £30 to pensioners to help tackle the cost of living crisis. 

Their latest interest-free loan scheme aims to help shoppers spread their costs without having the worry of paying interest like you would on a credit card. See how it works and how you can apply

Morrisons has slashed the pierce of more than 500 products, including frozen food, cupboard stored food and items from the fridge. For example, Morrisons iced ring doughnuts which used to be £1.25 are now 99p. 

Co-op has frozen more than 1,000 prices in an aim to reduce food waste and help with the cost of living crisis. 

Aldi has been crowned the cheapest supermarket by Which? and you could save around £60 per month if you switched supermarkets from one of the big four to Aldi, based on a typical trolley of goods. 

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