Revealed: The five popular McDonald's menu items that cost more from this week

McDonald’s has hiked prices of some popular items on its menu by up to 20% - how much more could you be paying for your favourite menu item?

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McDonald's has hiked the cost of five favourite menu items, with one increasing in price by 20%. 

This is the second time the fast-food giant is hiking the prices of some of its items, as food inflation hits a record high at 16.7%

So it’s a good time to look at how to beat the McDonald's price hikes. 

We tell you all the items on the menu affected- see if your favourite meal is amongst the hikes. 

McDonald's price hikes

What items on the McDonald's menu will hike in price?

These are the McDonald's price hikes that have come into effect today (15 February).  

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ItemOld priceNew pricePercentage change
Mayo Chicken Burger99p£1.1920%
Bacon Mayo Chicken burger£1.59£1.7912.6%
Bacon Double Cheeseburger£2.49£2.698%
Triple Cheeseburger£2.69£2.897.4%
medium-sized fizzy drinks £1.39£1.497.1%

Last year McDonald's hiked the price of its famous cheeseburger for the first time in 14 years, and now its ‘99p Mayo Burger’ has followed, going up to £1.19. 

Both items are on the Saver Menu, the cheapest items left on the McDonald's saver menu are the 99p Hamburger or the 99p mini McFlurry. 

The Chicken Mayo Burger is the biggest rise among the five items and the Bacon Mayo Chicken burger follows, rising in price from £1.59 to £1.79. 

The medium-sized drink hike is likely to affect most McDonald's customers, with prices increasing from £1.39 to £1.49. 

You should note prices could vary in each branch, as each franchise is free to set its own prices, but they typically follow the new recommended retail prices.

How does McDonald's compare to other fast-food chains?

Now that prices have gone up yet again, it’s time to question whether McDonald's is good value for money.

We have compared the price of McDonald's McChicken Sandwich (which hiked in price last year) with like-for-like burgers from popular fast food chains. 

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Fast-food chainItemPrice (medium meal inc fries and drink)
McDonald'sMcChicken Sandwich meal£5.89
KFCFillet Burger Meal£6.49
Burger King Chicken Royale meal£7.99

McDonald's still comes out cheapest even after its price hikes. Compared to KFC it is charging 60p less and it is charging a whopping £2.10 less than Burger King for its classic chicken burger meal. 

Read how you can beat the McDonald's price hikes.  

Some good news on the McDonald’s menu

There is some good news amongst the doom and gloom. The fast-food giant has bought back some popular items (effective from today, 15 February) which were previously taken off the menu.  

  • The McSpicy returns at £4.99 for the burger or £6.89 as a meal, and McDonald’s says ‘it is here to stay’.
  • The Grand Big Mac (£4.89 on its own and £6.49 as a meal).
  • Grand Big Mac with bacon (£5.69 on its own and £7.29 as a meal).
  • Chilli Cheese Bites (£2.29 for an individual portion or £6.29 for a Sharebox).

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