The trick to getting FREE Deliveroo delivery for 12 months

Here’s how you can bag free takeaway deliveries for 12 months and some extra money-saving Deliveroo tips

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Deliveroo and its rivals have changed the takeaway market. With just a few taps on your phone you can order food from thousands of restaurants and supermarkets to be delivered to your home in double-quick time.  

But delivery fees can rack up quickly if you’re a regular user. 

But, there are ways to get around these delivery fees. Here’s what you need to know. 


Amazon Prime offer

Both new and existing Amazon Prime subscribers can get free Deliveroo Plus for a year. According to data website Statista, there are around 12.6 million Amazon Prime users.

If you don’t have Prime you can add it to a basic Amazon account for £7.99 a month or £79.99 a year. It includes free Amazon delivery and free Amazon Prime Video streaming as well as early access to the retailer’s Lightning deals. You’ll also benefit from Amazon Prime day, Amazon’s annual two-day sale extravaganza which is exclusive to Prime members. 

To get Deliveroo, download the app and set up an account on your phone. 

To link the two, open your Deliveroo app, go to your account and click “Get Plus free with Amazon Prime”, then click the blue box which says “Claim with Amazon Prime”.

Login to your Amazon account on the next page, then allow Deliveroo access to your profile and Prime status. It then links your account and you’re subscribed to Deliveroo Plus for free for 12 months.

30-day free Prime trial

You can also get free Deliveroo Plus if you sign up for a free 30-day Prime trial. This makes it free for a month and you don’t have to spend a penny on a Prime subscription. Just remember to cancel Prime if you do not intend to keep it.

When you cancel Prime at the end of the trial, your Deliveroo Plus subscription will end too.


Deliveroo Plus is nothing new – it’s been around since 2017 for orders over £10. It’s a subscription membership plan where you pay a monthly fee in return for free food delivery.

Deliveroo Plus ‘for a family’ was introduced in February 2021, although it’s now called Deliveroo Plus Silver (with the original plan now called Deliveroo Plus Gold).

At £3.49 a month (£41.88 a year), it’s cheaper than the Gold plan (currently £7.99 a month). However, it only offers free delivery on orders of £25 or more – so you’ll need a big appetite to take advantage if you are dining alone. 

The delivery fee will usually be between £1 - £3, if you order 3 takeaways in a month for more than £25 in total and the delivery cost for each is £1.50 (totalling to £4.50 on delivery fees), with the Deliveroo Plus Silver you will make a saving of £1.01. 

Deliveroo Plus members also benefit from ‘exclusive restaurant offers’. But how many of these you’ll have access to depends on how many participating restaurants there are in your area – it’s a bit of a postcode lottery.


If you already pay for Deliveroo Plus, go to and click on ‘Claim with Amazon Prime.’ After you’ve signed into your Deliveroo account, you’ll be asked to confirm you want to switch plans. 

You’ll get Deliveroo Plus free for 12 months before being automatically switched back to paying for it as you were before.


Refer a friend - When you go onto the Deliveroo app, you will notice at the bottom of your screen a pop up message that allows you to refer a friend. In return you get £10 credit to spread over 4 orders - £2.50 off each order (minimum spend £20 on order). 

This will only work if you have ordered from Deliveroo before. You click the pop up message at the bottom of your screen and share the unique link with your friends or family. Once they complete their first order, you both get the £10 credit. 

Rewards - There is a hidden rewards section on the Deliveroo app, which you can find under your profile icon on the top right of your screen. 

You need to find a takeaway that is taking part in ‘rewards’ (this is usually shown on the restaurant icons when browsing and it will say ‘rewards’. You can then bag £6 off an order, if  you’ve ordered from the same place 3 times before and all orders were above £15. This is great if you have a regular takeaway because the reward needs to be redeemed within 30 days. 

Voucher codes - There are always voucher codes available if you simply give it a Google, however they need to be legitimate to be able to work. Common one’s to look out for are on Metro and MyVoucherCodes


Free Deliveroo Plus will end after 12 months – there’s no automatic renewal to worry about. But if you cancel your Prime membership before then, your Deliveroo Plus subscription will end too.

Only one Deliveroo account can get free Deliveroo Plus for each Amazon Prime subscription – you can’t share it with anyone else. 

Deliveroo Plus only waives delivery fees – you’ll still be charged a service fee on orders. 

With a minimum £25 spend, you’ll need to be making some pretty big food orders to use Delivery Plus. Solo dwellers are unlikely to order such expensive takeaways so it’s really only for hungry couples, and groups and families.

Saying that, it’s free so if you have Amazon Prime already so it’s a no-brainer to sign up anyway.

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