Cineworld £3 cinema tickets for one day only - how to get yours

For one day only, Cineworld is offering £3 cinema tickets, but there’s a small catch. Here’s everything you need to know

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Get your popcorn ready and bag a bargain with these £3 cinema tickets at Cineworld - we tell you how to get yours. 

If you’re wondering how to get cheap cinema tickets, Cineworld is offering £3 cinema tickets for one day only on Saturday 22 April, but there’s one condition. 

You will only find the £3 tickets at Cineworld IMAX cinemas. That said, there are 27 IMAX Cineworld locations across the UK and Ireland, and all of them are participating in the £3 deal. So if you’re near an IMAX Cineworld, here’s how to get a £3 cinema ticket.

How to get a Cineworld ticket for £3

Everyone loves a bargain, which means these tickets are likely to go quickly. Your best bet is to book your tickets online on the Cineworld website or through its app. But factor in the 95p booking fee that you have to pay on top. 

You can avoid the online booking fee and just buy your tickets from the cinema on the day, but this offer is only running for one day and could sell out before 22 April. 

Usually, an IMAX Cineworld ticket costs £14.90 per adult, so this offer will save you a big £11.40. 

You might be wondering why IMAX tickets are generally so pricey. Compared to your standard cinema screening, an IMAX cinema screen is around four times bigger in size. Cineworld calls it “the world’s most immersive viewing experience”.

What movies will be showing?

The £3 tickets are being released as part of Cineworld’s sixth annual IMAX Film Fest on Saturday 22 April.

To celebrate, Cineworld is bringing back “blockbusters” from the past, such as Avatar: The Way of Water, Top Gun: Maverick and Academy Award Best Picture-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once. Some locations will also get the choice of The Batman and an exclusive pre-screening of Ponniyin Selvan: I. 

The latter will be shown one week ahead of its sequel release at Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street, Cineworld Belfast, Cineworld Dublin, Cineworld Edinburgh and Cineworld Watford.

Other money-saving tips at the cinema

If there isn’t an IMAX Cineworld near you, there are still ways you can cut on the cost of cinema tickets. Here’s how. 

Join the Odeon Club. If you’re a regular cinema customer, sign up for MYODEON (it's free). You can get tickets from £6 and you can save around 60% on ticket prices. 

Consider becoming a member. Many cinemas offer an annual membership where you get free cinema tickets, a discount on other cinema tickets (and perhaps priority booking), and possibly money off food and drink too. Weigh up how much the membership costs and how often you go to the cinema to see if it’s worth doing. For example, Picturehouse offers several types of membership, and independent cinemas also often offer membership.

Check what perks your mobile provider is offering. Most mobile providers have their own reward apps, for example O2 Priority, Three Plus and Vodafone VeryMe. Whichever provider you are with, download the rewards app and see if there is a cinema offer available. 

See if your bank gives free cinema tickets. If you have a Club Lloyds account you can get six Vue or Cineworld tickets for free. And if you bank with Halifax and you have a Halifax Reward option, their monthly offers include free cinema tickets. If you have another packaged bank account with a different provider, it’s worth checking what perks you get with them. 

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