Best 0% interest purchase credit cards

The best 0% interest purchase credit cards can help you spread the cost of a big purchase - if used correctly. Here are the best deals.

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The best 0% interest purchase credit cards are ideal for big purchases and help you spread the cost over some months with no added interest to pay. The important thing is you keep on top of making your minimum payments and only use the card to purchase what you need.

With inflation at a 40-year high and rising energy costs, paying as little interest as possible on your debts has never been more important. 

To help you find the best deals, here are the best 0% credit card deals available now. And if you want to know more about how these cards work, then we explain that further below.

But remember, the rate you get will depend on the strength of your credit score; our links take you to an eligibility checker on our sister site Gocompare (opens in new tab), so that you can see if you will be accepted for the deal before you apply.

Here are the best 0% credit card deals available right now (the links go to the eligibility checker unless otherwise stated).

Last checked 02/12/22. Last updated 22/11/22.


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Barclaycard (opens in new tab)


Barclaycard (opens in new tab) | Up to 25 months 0% | 22.9% APR after 0% period

This credit card offers 0% for 25 months on purchases. Our eligibility calculator (opens in new tab) via our sister site Gocompare, will indicate whether you could get the full 25 months or if it is more likely you could get just 12 months at 0%. A bonus with this one is it also offers 0% balance transfers for 22 months, giving you the best of both worlds.

GoCompare's eligibility checker now  (opens in new tab)
Points perk

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer | 21 months 0% on purchases | M&S points on spending | 23.9% once 0% period over

Anyone accepted for this credit card gets the full 21 months at 0%. It also gives you M&S points - one point (worth 1p) is given per £5 spend while a more generous one point per £1 spent at M&S is given. Points are converted into vouchers to spend at M&S.

Check to see if you can get the M&S Bank card via GoCompare's eligibility checker now  (opens in new tab)or apply directly to M&S Bank (opens in new tab).

Sainsburys Dual 21 Month Credit Card (opens in new tab)

Sainsburys Dual 21 Month Credit Card (opens in new tab) | up to 21 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers | 21.95% once 0% is over

You get the best of both worlds with this dual credit card, offering up to 21 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers, but this depends on your personal finances. There is a balance transfer fee in the first three months of 3% or 4%, but this can vary. There is no annual fee. Also, in your first two months you get 500 bonus Nectar points when you spend £35 or more with your credit card and for every £2 you spend in Sainsburys, Argos, Habitat or Tu clothing, you collect up to 3 points. 

Virgin Money All Round Credit Card (opens in new tab)

Virgin Money All Round Credit Card (opens in new tab)

Virgin Money | Up to 16 months 0% on purchases  | 16 month 0% on Balance Transfers | 22.9% once 0% period over

This credit card offers 16 months at 0% on purchases. As it’s an all rounder credit card, it offers many other perks such as up to 16 months 0% on balance transfers and money transfers. But be mindful, after the 16 month period you pay 22.9%  on balance transfers and 24.9% on money transfers. There is a 3% balance transfer fee and a 4% money transfer fee. If you enrol to Virgin Money cashback offers on their app, you can also get cashback at certain retailers when you use your Virgin Money credit card. Check our eligibility calculator (opens in new tab) via our sister site Gocompare to see if you qualify for the full 16 months 0%.

This list is updated regularly, with guidance from data analyst Defaqto. 

What is a 0% interest purchase credit card?

A 0% purchase card can help you borrow money more affordably. So when you spend on your credit card, there will be no added interest to pay on your repayments. 

The 0% interest will only be for a limited time, so keep an eye out for when that ends so you can ideally pay back in the 0% interest term. It could be anything from 2 months to 3 years. 

This type of credit card is great for big purchases that you want to pay off over time. 

When the 0% period ends, you’ll be charged interest on any balance remaining on the card.

Who can get a 0% interest credit card?

First things first, to get your hands on a 0% interest credit card, you need a good credit score. To bag the best rates you would definitely need a good credit score.

Dennis Hussey, money adviser at National Debtline, said: “Low or 0% interest is hard to get if you do not have a good credit rating – and as is the case with any borrowing there are risks involved. If you are already behind on other payments, you should seek debt advice.” 

Before you apply for a 0% credit card, it’s a good idea to use an online eligibility checker, like the one from our sister site GoCompare (opens in new tab), before making an application. You can also check your credit score with any one of the three credit reference agencies like Experian (opens in new tab), Equifax (opens in new tab) or TransUnion (opens in new tab).

Legally, credit card firms only need to give their advertised deals to 51% of successful applicants, so you may be offered a shorter 0% interest period than advertised if your score is not strong.

Are 0% credit cards a good idea?

Interest-free credit cards mean you can borrow money for free. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right option for everyone.

Even though there is no interest charged, you still have to repay the money you borrow on a 0% credit card. If you fail to make the minimum payment each month, the credit card company is likely to cancel the 0% offer and you’ll start being charged interest.

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